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Simo Šišević

Simo Šišević

By the age of 19, he had already won numerous national and international awards and had performed at many festivals.

Simo Šišević is a young versatile Montenegrin pianist whose repertoire ranges from early Baroque through Classicism and Romantic era to Contemporary music.

Some of his most significant awards are: Absolute Prize in the "Academy Award 2013" International Competition in Rome, Italy (where he also played in the Gala concert), Special Prize in the “Windsor International Piano Competition” in Windsor, UK (2015), First Prize in the “International Piano Competition” in Tivat, Montenegro (2016), First  Prize  in the International Competition “Pjetër Gaci“ in Shkodres, Albania (with participation in the Gala concert).

In 2016, Šišević represented his country and it’s musical heritage in the  “Monténégro au coeur de l'Europe” concert at the Festival Weekend  “De  Clavier Contemporain” at the Frederic  Chopin Conservatoire in Paris.

He gave outstanding performances at national festivals such as “Fortepiano” in 2016 and 2015 – 'Bartok for young pianists', 'Piano in the Spirit of folklore' and  'French music in early XX century'  in Podgorica, Montenegro where he performed works by B. Bartok, D. Shostakovich, C. Debussy, A. Khachaturian, A. Babajanian. During the 2017 and 2018 he gave recitals in Bar, Kotor, Cetinje (Montenegro) and London. Šišević also took part in “Montenegrin Cultural Symphony” event organized by the Embassy of Republic of Montenegro in the UK held in the Europe House in London, UK.

Chamber music is an important part of his artistry. In 2018, he had a successful collaboration with Montenegrin soprano Tamara Radjenovic and Jacob Bettinelli resulting in New Year’s Concert in Kotor,Montenegro. Šišević is also a member of the piano trio “Birziminium” along with Luka Perazic and Kosta Popovic.

Šišević also plays jazz music. With his jazz band he played at the opening of the famous jazz festival 'Made in New York' in Montenegro followed by several sessions with jazz musicians: Rendy Brecker, Bobby Sanabria and Edsel Gomez.

He has attended masterclasses with many professors including: Boris Kraljević, Leichtfried Horst, Yurij Kot, Giulio Poteza, Gabriele Baldocci, Edita Stankovicute, Denis Zardi, Norma Fisher, Tatjana Prelevic, Anton Martynov, Vanessa Latarche , Sasha Muzykantau, Andrew Zolinsky, Ian Jones, Vladimir Bockarijov.

Šišević has been generously supported by The Katheleen Trust, The Zetland Foundation, Ministry of Culture of Montenegro and Capital City of Podgorica. Throughout his secondary education in Podgorica and previous two years in London he awarded a scholarship by Montenegrin Ministry of Education. Šišević was recently awarded a scholarship by Municipality of City of Bar (Montenegro) as well as the scholarship by Global Ports Holding.

Simo Šišević was born in 1999. He began playing the piano at the age of 6. In 2017, he graduated at the Art School of Music and Ballet in Podgorica in the class of prof. Anka Asanovic. Šišević is currently 2nd year of undergraduate studies at the Royal College of Music in London with professor Gordon Fergus-Thompson.

2019 will be featuring Šišević’s performances at RCM Keyboard Festival (London, UK), KotorArt (Kotor, Montenegro), Music Youth- International Music Day (Belgarde, Serbia) and solo recitals in London, St. Petersburg (Russia), Podgorica (Montenegro), Skopje (Macedonia), etc.